How to use multimeter

The multimeter or avo meter is a very important device in electronics lab , it's used to test circuits ,measure volts ,amps , ohms and also capacitance.
let's see how can we use it 

measuring volts :
when we want to measure voltage we have to know first the type of voltage AC or Dc the set the rotary switch on highest range if we don't know the value of the voltage before,

as you see we measure voltage and the leads are connected in parallel

measuring current :
to measure current you have to move the red lead from volts pin to amps pin as yo see here we have 3 pins
one of them is "com" and it's always connected to the black wire
the black wire shouldn't leave this pin anyway.

then we have to move the rotary switch to amps "ADC" or "ADirect current, DC symbol" and we should consider the amps we gonna measure is high so set the switch on the highest range to avoid damaging your multimeter

as we see in picture it just read 0.09 so now we know the right range to measure it it's about 90mA so no problem to set the switch to 200mA range to get better resolution . 

also don't forget to move the red lead to the mA pin it's different from multimeter to other but it always marked by mA

if you just noticed that the multimeter is connected in series which means it's one of the circuit conductors now .

measuring a resistor:
to measure a resistor there is to ways .
the first one is by multimeter make sure that the red lead connected to the Ω pin and set the switch to higher range and lower it until you get better resolution .

the second way is by resistor color table.
start read from the left to the right side marked with tolerance strip

as example we have Green,Red ,Red strips
the first and second strips are numbers green is 5 and red is 2 but the third strip is multiplier which means 100
so 52*100=5200Ω
or 5.2KΩ or 5.2Kohm
the 4th strip is tolerance
the brown is 1%
red is 2%
gold is 5%
silver is 10%

watch this vedio to know how to use the multimeter
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