Tutorial Diptrace For Beginners Part#1 Schematics

Hello Dear readers
from time to time we post in ready pcb's category
this pcb's are designed by diptrace
diptrace is one from the best pcb design softwares 
after installing it you will find 4 softwares in your start menu 


component editor
pattern editor
PCB layout
this tutorial is about  schematic 
and the next one PCB layout

diptrace is very easy even for beginner , you can understand the interface in just 1 hour 
and also it can afford a professional circuit design
that's mean you have easy professional software 
let's see the interface of "schematics"
when you start working with "schematics" for some circuit all you need is drag the components and connect them together 

the menu in upper left side contains categories this categories are for component types and components from companies like atmel,ST...
when you choosea category the components will appear in the list below 
when you click some component you will see the component symbol and the foot print of it

if you want to look for some component just click Filter off 
and then you see the search window 

 search area > all libraries 
type the component number in name
then press apply filter 
all components contains the number you have typed will show up and you have to choose the right package 

then drag the component and connect them togther as you want

after complete your circuit you have to type the component values like resistor values by double click on any component 

do this for all component it's important while putting components on the pcb
after compeleting every thing and save your design 
you can convert it to PCB by

click  File >Convert to pcb 
like in picture 
and the PCB layout  will start
follow us to be noticed when we post about pcb layout tutorial 

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to download the free version of diptrace with all options ON but limited 300 pins

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